Web Projects
HTML Website

Straight HTML and CSS minor JavaScript, fixed dimensions.

Responsive Website

JavaScript form validation and comment post. Bootstrap CSS for responsive website.

JavaScript Browser Game Projects

Classic Pong Game.

Fish Game

Fish Survival.


Spaceman Platformer Game.

Custom Game

Custom Game from what I learned.

Advanced JavaScript Browser Games
Python Code!
Tower Defense

2D Side View Tower Defense.

Racing Game

Custom Racing Game.

Text Adventure Game!

Custom Text Adventure Game.

Multiplayer Spaceship Adventure

Create your own spaceship (client) to enter the server world!.

Java Projects

Some of these Java Projects cannot run in the browser (they use swing to generate a user interface).
For those you can view the video of it working and also download the executable '.jar' file to run on your own computer!

Guess My Number!

Guess The Number! You have 8 Chances.

Stick Game

Don't be left with the final stick!


Real Working Console Calculator!

Minecraft Mod in Java!
Atomic Launcher

Quick shot of our Atomic Launcher at work. Used the Bow class to code this.

Super Sword & Super Armor

Here's what the Super Sword and Armor can do. Use Java to specify left & righ click actions.

Custom Candy Zombie Mob

Candy Zombie, but you can create and customize and Mob you'd like!

Longer Mod Video!

If you can think of it, there's a way to code it into Minecraft using Java.